Celebrate National Parks Week – Visit Europe’s Best National Parks!



Top Five National Parks In Europe

To mark National Parks Week, here’s a list of our top five National Parks in Europe.

National Parks Week is being celebrated from 25th – 31st July. This year the theme of ‘adventure’ has been chosen to mark the occasion. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of our top five national parks in Europe where you’ll be sure to find adventure! Whichever national park you decide to explore, make sure you take out European travel insurance before you leave, as touring parks often means being far from emergency medical help and adventure trips do pose a higher risk of injury.

Goreme – Turkey

Turkey usually conjures up images of pristine beaches and the minarets of Istanbul, but the nation is also home to one of the most awe-inspiring national parks in Europe: Goreme. The volcanic landscape of this region is entirely unique, containing a wealth of unusual peaks and caves to explore. The best-known area of the park is Cappadocia, a network of caves with ‘fairy chimneys’, which generations of inhabitants turned into homes. The most popular way to view this peculiar region is from a hot air balloon – a wide range of operators offer flights to tourists.

Saxon – Germany

The dramatic landscapes of this national park in German Saxony are ripe for adventure. It contains over 700 summits, which are a haven for rock-climbers, and with hundreds of miles of walking trails it will keep every hiker happy. The most well-known feature of the park is the rock formation called ‘The Bastei’, which lurches 194 metres over the Elbe river. You will see why this landscape has inspired generations of artists – so bring your sketchbook if not your hiking boots!

Ordesa – Spain

Spain’s oldest national park is Ordesa, located on the French border in the Pyrenees. It really deserves to be better known. Containing a wealth of hiking trails through stunning scenery, you would be forgiven for thinking that this park was somewhere in California! Deep glacial valleys and thrilling footpaths through limestone cliffs keep hikers in the know returning to Ordesa year after year. June and July are the best times to visit, in order to enjoy the area’s colourful flora.

Ordesa hiking in Spain

Ordesa hiking in Spain

Port-Cros, France

Port-Cros is one of the four Iles d’Or, which lay off of the French Côte d’Azur. Though the island is only small (one kilometere wide and three kilometres long!) it is packed with wild, rugged terrain, criss-crossed with hiking trails. As the island is so small, you’re never far from stunning sea views. There’s even an underwater trail for snorkelers! Though the park is popular with the French who flock to its campsites in the summer, it remains relatively unknown among British tourists.

Peneda Geres, Portugal

Peneda Geres is a national park located in northern Portugal. An area filled with forests and natural pools which are great for swimming, it is also known for the wild ponies that roam freely about the park. It is even possible to explore the area on the back of a pony, if you’ve drunk too much of the local honey liqueur and don’t feel up to hiking! If you’re lucky you’ll spot an Iberian wolf or golden eagle, which are native to this region.

Of course, we must not forget the wonderful British national parks, all of which are just a drive away. See the official National Parks Week page for more information.

5 Tips for Tourists Travelling to America

If you are planning to visit America, and need a few tips on how to have a successful journey. That’s why we have decided to publish this article for you: The best 5 tips for travelling to America! We are pretty sure that these tips will add a lot of value to your adventure. Just pay attention and learn, because we are about to embark you in an exciting journey!

#1: No Hard Topics

If you want to enjoy your visit to the US at its max, you should avoid talking about politics, religion and other hard topics. There’s no reason to do so in fact. All you want to do is to discover this country, and talking about these topics won’t help that much. So just chill out for a while and limit yourself to enjoying your adventure.

Another hard topics are like war, obesity, etc. Take this advice and implement it, you want fun, you don’t want problems – that’s it. Avoid discussing gun control too, or police violence for that matter.

#2: No Personal Info

You should avoid talking about personal information. If you want to have fun and avoid this kind of problems, then don’t ask women about their marital status. And the same applies for men. Don’t ask people about their personal income, assets, etc. In short: don’t mess up with personal matters. The only thing you can get out of this are bad looks and problems, so avoid this kind of topics.

#3: Be Polite

This is a must. You should always say “Hi” or “Hello” to everyone you meet. In other words: be polite. This will only give you benefits, because it’s very-well appreciated in America. Remember to hold visual contact at all times. Be as polite as possible and you will not face any kind of problem. People will appreciate you and you will cause a great impression in them.

#4: Medical Insurance

Another important tip for you is to buy a substantial medical insurance. Let’s say it: medical system in America is very but VERY expensive. And the least thing you want is to pay these astronomical prices. So, our recommendation for you is to get a substantial medical insurance before embarking yourself onto the American adventure. This will allow you to enjoy your journey more, because you know that if you ever have a medical emergency, you will be backed up by your insurance.

#5: Plan It All In Advance

If you want to enjoy your travel, then you should plan it with a lot of time in advance. There are many things that can go wrong, so you need to prepare yourself for everything. You should buy your ticket, book hotel rooms, rent an Airbnb apartment, etc. with plenty of time in advance. This tip is very important, so take it into account. If you do, then you will have full control, and this will save you from stressful situation. Remember this and do as much as possible in order to plan your travel.

5 Beautiful Destinations in the Canary Islands That Are Off The Beaten Track

So you want to visit the Canary Islands? If that’s your case, then we feel very happy for you, because this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. We are sure that you will pass some awesome holidays here. In order to help you to make the most out of your holidays, we have listed the 5 most beautiful destinations in the Canary Islands, so you can visit them and feel fully satisfied with your travel. We will describe them briefly yet concisely. Let’s begin.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:

This is one of the most popular attractions in Canary Islands. It’s also referred as Gran Canaria Island. It’s a place where you will be able to fully relax, because of the magical natural scenery, accompanied by a majestic sea.

The sea is incredibly beautiful, seems like it has been brought from another world, because it’s simply stunning. This is one of the must-go-to attractions in Canary Islands, so make sure to visit it! Here you can also visits museums like the Museum of Fine Arts, along with other cultural hubs. There’s a lot to do in this destination, so make sure to bookmark it!

Tenerife Island:

Here you have another destination that will fascinate you. The Tenerife Island is amongst the most beautiful and popular destinations in Canary Islands. Just like in Gran Canaria Island, here you will be delighted by beautiful nature, along with a sea that seems like a real-life dream.

Here you can also enjoy of excellent food thanks to top-notch restaurants. If you want to visit a museum, then you should drop a visit to the Museum of Nature and Man. Here you can do almost anything you want, there’s a lot to do in this place. And here you have our personal recommendation: Visit Brujas Beach, in our opinion this is the most beautiful one J

Fuerteventura Island:

Here we have another destination that’s worth visiting: Fuerteventura Island. This destination is characterized by its strong and picturesque religious heritage. This is a place where this beautiful heritage mixes perfectly by the majestic nature that surrounds it.

For example, if you want to explore more about this religious heritage, then you need to visit the Museum of Religious Art. Here you will see, just like its own name suggests, a great showcase of religious art.

Another place that you MUST visit during your stay in Canary Islands.

Santa Cruz de la Palma:

Here we have another destination in Canary Islands. This one is located at La Palma Island. This is a little yet pretty city that represents very well the influence of colonial culture.

Caldera de Taburiente National Park:

And finally we have this beautiful National Park. This destination is also located in La Palma Island. Here you will see surreal volcanic peaks, along with a beautiful green background. Not for nothing La Palma Island is known as “La Isla Bonita” – because it’s really beautiful.

The 5 Places You HAVE to Visit in New Zealand


If you have chosen New Zealand as your new destination for your holidays, then allow us to congratulate you, because you have chosen an excellent country. We are pretty sure that you will have pretty fun, exciting and interesting moments in your holidays here.

Today we are going to list and review the best 5 places you MUST visit in this country. Without nothing more to add by the moment, we invite you to keep reading. We promise you that every second you invest in reading it will pay off greatly!


Let’s open this list with Kaikoura. You can find it by visiting the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. There you can find this little and beautiful paradise that will completely blow you away. There you will be able to witness beautiful majestic mountains that match perfectly with the town of Kaikoura.

But what’s so special about this place? The real attractiveness lies on the rich habitat of marine animals. You can find many species in its waters. So you should one of the tours offered in Kaikoura and discover all of these animals. Here you can enjoy of many activities, which include snorkel or just swimming.

Westland National Park:

Here we have another attraction what’s worth visiting. This beautiful destination in New Zealand belongs to the South Westland World Heritage area. It’s world-wide famous for its mountains and glaciers. If you want to see something that totally escapes the common, then you need to visit the Westland National Park.

The strange yet interesting part of this National Park is that the weather is quite warm in comparison to other areas with glaciers. So you won’t have any problem at the hour of visiting it, because the weather is spot on.

Bay of Islands:

Another attraction that may be interesting for you, is the Bay of Islands. If you want to visit the most beautiful maritime park in this country, then you need to go to Bay of Islands. Here you can enjoy of the magnificent view, along with fresh water and lots of maritime life. Another must-go attraction offered by this magical country!

Fiordland National Park:

Here we have another National Park. The view is simply stunning, magical and fascinating. You will be captivated when you see the deep fiords, mountains, glorious waterfalls, and beautiful rain forests. This place transmits a very special vibe, not for nothing is one of the most popular places in New Zealand. There are some people who define it as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” – and we totally agree with them. Because this place seems like a real paradise on Earth.


And to close this listing here you have Queenstown, another place you must visit during your stay in New Zealand. It’s surrounded by a beautiful lake and lots of nature. If you want to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature, then you must visit Queenstown – you will love it!