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3 Reasons Brits Love Living In France

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Why Brits Are Leaving The UK Before Brexit Day

Sunny weather, delicious food and a gentle pace of life – what better reasons to take the plunge and move to France this year?

The UK’s shock decision to leave the EU has prompted an exodus of Brits leaving their home nation behind to move to France whilst they’re still able. With less than a year until ‘Brexit Day’ in March 2019, thousands are making the move alongside French nationals who want to return to a country they feel welcome in. Some are organising removals to France because they want to take advantage of the opportunities that living within the EU presents to their business dreams, while others love the culture and are using the vote as a reason to relocate now, rather than never.

1. Better Climate

Of course, one of the draws of living in France compared to life in the UK, is the promise of warmer weather. France is a large country with varying climates, but if you were to compare the south of France during the height of summer, to the north of England during the same season, you’d notice a significant difference. Heatwaves are not uncommon, and back in 2009, parts of south and central France reached 40 degrees. Aside from the heat, in July, you might expect to enjoy 9 hours of sunshine in France, in comparison to 6 back in the UK. For Brits looking for weather that reminds them of home, Brittany and Normandy offer cooler climes.

2. Gastronome’s Delight

France has long been associated with delectable cuisine and fine wines. One of the most popular areas of France for Brits to live in is Dordogne in the south-west of the country, and it’s easy to see why. Fresh seasonal food is served on every rustic French dining table in the region; whether you desire truffles, cepe mushrooms, foie gras or traditional farmhouse pates, your taste buds will feel like they’ve finally awoken when you move here. If you want to eat out, then there are plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants to choose from, or if you’re looking for something more down-to-earth then simply visit a quaint auberge.

Of course, food is only half the equation. Those who love their wines will be at home exploring the Bergerac vineyards in the south of the region, that boast quality red, white and rose varieties, 13 of which are accredited with the Appellations d’Origine Contrôlées classification.

3. A Gentler Pace Of Life

Although a stroll down the Champs-Elysees on a Saturday afternoon might feel reminiscent of a weekend in London, outside of Paris there is a relaxed way of life that feels very appealing to stressed-out Brits. Much of the country is made up of sprawling countryside with small communities living quiet, traditional lives. Your move to such a serene way of life begins with finding somewhere picturesque to live, and luckily there’s an abundance of picture-perfect cottages and houses in rural France that are a fraction of the cost of your property in the UK. You’ll need to adapt of course to the change in pace. Businesses tend to close much earlier, and the 24/7 culture is non-existent. But with that comes the opportunity to slow down and become more mindful of your surroundings, perhaps taking a leisurely bike ride on a Sunday afternoon or enjoying pleasant conversation with your French neighbours.

If you’ve ever contemplated leaving the UK, then now is the perfect chance to do so. Join the thousands of other Brits leaving this year and move to beautiful France – what are you waiting for?