A Wedding Photographer’s Guide to Weddings

A Wedding Photographer’s Guide to Weddings

Picking the right wedding photographer in Hertfordshire may just be the most important decision a couple will need to make for their wedding.

With so much happening throughout the day, details big and small are quickly put to memory where they risk fading away. A photograph is a timeless memento that allows couples to relive the day they said, “I do”, so it’s important to find someone to capture that magical moment.


Choosing a photographer

Couples will spend more time with the photographer than anyone else during their wedding day, so it’s important to find a photographic style that they love, and a personality they get along with as well.

It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in your photographer, as the more comfortable you feel the more relaxed you will be, and the better the images will turn out.

Ask to see an entire wedding gallery, not just a ‘highlight reel’, to ensure the photographer is strong from start to finish and can adapt to different environments and lighting situations. It’s also a good idea to ask the photographer if they have photographed a venue similar to yours in the past, so you can feel comfortable knowing they will take the best shots of your big day.

It’s in the detail

The details are the supporting cast of a wedding that helps to tell the story, so it’s important that they are captured in the photographs on the day.

To ensure everything runs on schedule, have your details gathered before the photographer arrives. Include items such as the wedding dress, both sets of rings, jewellery, shoes and any unique mementos and keepsakes you would like incorporated into your photographs.

Candid moments

A wedding is a day of pure emotion, full of reactions that pass in the blink of an eye. It’s the job of the photographer to freeze them in time so that they can be revisited time and time again.

You can’t stage emotion, so the photographer should be experienced at anticipating them on your wedding day to capture that moment forever.

Portraiture shots

For family group photographs, a list of names is a must. Work with the photographer and both sets of parents to ensure the list contains everyone you want included in the photos, as well as those who cannot be in the same picture. It’s important to take the photos before sunset as well; check the time will set and be aware of the daylight-saving time.

Wedding photography trends

Wedding trends change from year to year, sometimes season to season. The most important thing a couple can do on their wedding day is be true to themselves.

For those looking to change wedding photographs up a bit, a ‘first look’ is a popular choice among photographers and couples alike. A ‘first look’ allows the groom to see the bride before the ceremony in a private, intimate setting for photos and gives the couple some time alone.

It’s a special and intimate moment that gets captured, as they each other for the first time alone and prepare each other for what’s to come.

Unplugged ceremonies are also becoming increasingly popular. Technology continues to play a growing role in our everyday lives, so couples are now asking their guests to unplug during the ceremony. So many people pay attention to their phones and iPads to get their photos, which means missing out on being present for the ceremony.