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Corporate Events Don’t Need to Be Dull

Make Your Next Event One to Remember

Corporate events can sometimes be a little predictable. Do something a little different this year, and show your workforce that you care.

The “works do” season is almost upon us, and for those jaded and cynical corporate drones who have been in the rat race for a few years, the thought of yet another evening of the same old food, predictable speeches and the usual suspects having a little too much to drink is uninspiring, to put it mildly.

If this rings even the smallest bell when it comes to your company, it is time to rethink. Done right, corporate events are a great opportunity to improve workforce motivation by showing you care and giving something back. They also provide a unique chance for staff to get to know one another better, leading to improved workplace dynamics and ultimately, better productivity.

Today’s businesses are typically more geographically dispersed than they used to be, so whether it is the Christmas party, the annual conference or some other function, it makes sense to get the most out of it by making it enjoyable and memorable. After all, anything less is just a waste of everyone’s time and the company’s money. Here are some ideas.

Keep it snappy

If you are running a conference, there is plenty of material to get through, that’s understood. But endless presentations in which a single individual is talking through a PowerPoint presentation for two hours at a time are no fun for anyone. However well prepared the presentation, the audience will be falling asleep and the presenter will start flagging by the half way point.

Try adopting shorter sessions of, say, 20 minutes maximum. It will force the presenters to rethink the way they put their points across and will stop the audience from zoning out. You would be amazed at how much information you can fit into a 20 minute slot when you have to.

Do something unusual

Whether it is an AGM or the Christmas party, you will want to schedule some non-business activities while you have everyone together. Dinner and drinks are well and good, but there are so many other options today, why not add something truly memorable.

Specialist companies can arrange everything from X-factor nights to quiz events to “bake off” or cocktail making challenges, to name but a few. With so much to choose from, it is important to select wisely, and canvassing opinion from the participants, perhaps by drawing up a shortlist of five possibilities then putting it to the vote, can be a wise move.

After all, enforced fun can turn into an even bigger disaster than boredom, so make sure you choose something that people will enjoy and get the most out of.

Location, location

Some companies are incredibly tunnel visioned and feel that they have two choices: host something in the board room at the office, which has the horrendous vibe of the “school disco,” or ring around the local hotels to hire the conference suite.

Why not choose somewhere different to do something different? A night at a casino combines the food, drink and entertainment aspects all in one, while a river cruise will ensure that nobody is able to sneak off early and provides a constantly changing environment.