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How and Where to Propose

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Popping The Question

Are you considering asking your girlfriend to get married soon? Wondering how to pop the question? These tips will help prepare you.

Proposing to your other half is a big ask. There’s a delicate art involved in providing an element of surprise, creating a magical moment that can be recounted endlessly throughout your engagement and of course wanting to be certain that she will declare a resounding ‘YES’. There are so many ways to propose that it can seem overwhelming to know where to begin. Here are some top tips to help you know where and how to pop that all-important question.

Know Your Bride-To-Be

Whatever you might have seen on the movies or the soaps, the perfect engagement story for your bride is one that she will find romantic. If she’s an extroverted type that is into grand gestures, then you can go all-out and propose at a football stadium, at dinner with an orchestra and the entire waiting staff in on your secret, or by turning up at her place of work dressed in a tux and ready to sweep her away for a romantic engagement weekend. All of these examples offer your lady the chance to feel utterly loved and the absolute centre of attention.

However, some brides would be truly horrified by such public displays of romance and would much prefer an intimate proposal, perhaps along a beach, during a woodland walk or at a nostalgic spot such as a first date or first kiss location.

Have a think about your girlfriend and how she would want to enjoy this special moment and where she would want to be. Remember that she’ll enjoy telling her friends and family all about the engagement before the fun of finding the perfect wedding venue and looking at table centrepieces starts, so it’s essential that you get it right. No pressure!

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve worked out the ideal location, have a think about what you want to say. Will you say it wordlessly with a ring on bended knee? Or would you prefer to lead into it with a bit of a sentimental speech? There’s no right or wrong here, and a lot will depend on your nerves and your general comfort with speaking about matters of the heart. Whichever approach you take, the best advice is to have a practice at home, either in private or with an extremely trustworthy confidant, and work out what you want to express and how best to do so. It’s ok to be nervous, in fact it can be quite endearing, but it’s important to make it 100% clear that you are confident about one thing – wanting to get married.

The Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can be one big question mark that stops many a proposer in his tracks. If you’re lucky, your potential bride-to-be will have given you an inkling of the type or design of ring that she might be interested in. If not, then just go with your gut and look into the returns policy of where you bought the ring in case it’s not her dream piece of jewellery, or even the possibility of getting it resized if it’s not a snug fit.

Another issue can be working out where to hide the ring. Here’s a top tip for you – regardless of what you’ve seen on the big screen, the vast majority of ladies do not want their brand-new sparkler to be covered in ice-cream, cake or tiramisu. Hide it in your pocket, not in their dessert where it’s nothing but a gunk-covered choking hazard.

Hopefully the tips mentioned here have inspired you to create a personal engagement story that you can share with the rest of the world, for the rest of your lives. Good luck!