How to Emigrate with Your Pets

How to Emigrate with Your Pets

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So, you’ve made the decision to emigrate – congratulations! As many as 300,000 Brits decide to leave the UK each year in search of a better way of life, be it to Europe or someone further afield like America.

If you’re thinking of emigrating, but wonder how to take your cat or dog with you, then read on for our helpful tips on pet export uk!

Helping yourself, your family and your possessions move to another country is stressful enough without taking on the role of exporting your pet yourself, so it’s a good idea to entrust the help of a professional specialist pet company who can take care of every detail for you, from the paper to the transportation.


Choose an approved container

Your pet needs to travel in an IATA approved Air pet travel box, which can be purchased from any pet store and can be used again for all kinds of pet travel purposes. Ensure the box is the right height for your pet before purchasing; you can do this by measuring them sat up and lying down. It’s important to make sure there’s enough space to stand, sit up and turn around in the container. Add a water container, your pet’s favourite bedding and perhaps something that has your scent on.

Prior to the flight

Your pet must be checked over at the vet and given permission for them to fly. Do not overfeed your pet prior to the flight and do not put any food in the box to safeguard your pet from choking and soiling. Most importantly, do not have your pet sedated. This in inadvisable on health grounds as the flight affects their blood pressure and airlines often refuse sedated animals.

At destination

At the other end of the flight, your pet will be met by a representative of the airport and then taken to a special quarantine holding areas until you are able to collect it. The length of time depends on the country you are travelling to; Europe is a short amount of time but in places such as Australia, the quarantine period for animals is currently 30 days for pets arriving from the UK. Check the country’s band list before flying your pet out too, as certain breeds are banned from countries.

Bringing animals back into the UK

All of the same rules apply if you are flying animals back to the UK, but you pet must have travelled with an airline which has been approved by Animal Health and Laboratories Agency using an approved air route.