The 5 Places You HAVE to Visit in New Zealand

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If you have chosen New Zealand as your new destination for your holidays, then allow us to congratulate you, because you have chosen an excellent country. We are pretty sure that you will have pretty fun, exciting and interesting moments in your holidays here.

Today we are going to list and review the best 5 places you MUST visit in this country. Without nothing more to add by the moment, we invite you to keep reading. We promise you that every second you invest in reading it will pay off greatly!


Let’s open this list with Kaikoura. You can find it by visiting the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. There you can find this little and beautiful paradise that will completely blow you away. There you will be able to witness beautiful majestic mountains that match perfectly with the town of Kaikoura.

But what’s so special about this place? The real attractiveness lies on the rich habitat of marine animals. You can find many species in its waters. So you should one of the tours offered in Kaikoura and discover all of these animals. Here you can enjoy of many activities, which include snorkel or just swimming.

Westland National Park:

Here we have another attraction what’s worth visiting. This beautiful destination in New Zealand belongs to the South Westland World Heritage area. It’s world-wide famous for its mountains and glaciers. If you want to see something that totally escapes the common, then you need to visit the Westland National Park.

The strange yet interesting part of this National Park is that the weather is quite warm in comparison to other areas with glaciers. So you won’t have any problem at the hour of visiting it, because the weather is spot on.

Bay of Islands:

Another attraction that may be interesting for you, is the Bay of Islands. If you want to visit the most beautiful maritime park in this country, then you need to go to Bay of Islands. Here you can enjoy of the magnificent view, along with fresh water and lots of maritime life. Another must-go attraction offered by this magical country!

Fiordland National Park:

Here we have another National Park. The view is simply stunning, magical and fascinating. You will be captivated when you see the deep fiords, mountains, glorious waterfalls, and beautiful rain forests. This place transmits a very special vibe, not for nothing is one of the most popular places in New Zealand. There are some people who define it as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” – and we totally agree with them. Because this place seems like a real paradise on Earth.


And to close this listing here you have Queenstown, another place you must visit during your stay in New Zealand. It’s surrounded by a beautiful lake and lots of nature. If you want to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature, then you must visit Queenstown – you will love it!