The Perfect Gift for Travellers

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What Do You Buy For The Traveller Who Has Everything?

Coming up with an idea for the perfect gift is usually more difficult than buying it. Here are some gift inspirations for the traveller in your life.

Over recent decades, it seems as if the world has become a smaller place. High speed trains and low cost airlines mean that travelling across the world is less complicated than it used to be to travel from London to Glasgow. Travelling overseas takes no more time, money or effort than it took previous generations to travel across the country.

Consequently, more people than ever have been able to satisfy their wanderlust and explore to their heart’s content. Ask ten people what they like to do, and “travelling” will be one of the most common answers – whether it means to their local National Park or on a round-the-world trip.

A whole host of related industries have emerged to support our love of getting out and about, and one result is a more interesting and varied range of gifts for travellers than ever before.

heart mapPersonalised maps

There is no better memento of a favourite location than a map, and personalised map gifts come in all shapes, sizes and types. The best thing about them is you do not have to travel to the location in question to buy one. Simply tell the supplier the area that you want covered, and the appropriate map can be created.

They come in a variety of formats, from traditional maps that can be framed and put on the wall to clocks, ornaments and even greeting cards.

A compass

compassIn the modern age of GPS and smartphone technology, it is sometimes nice to take a step back to a bygone age. A compass symbolises travel, and is the first thing that any explorer would pack before setting off. Today, a compass can still be helpful to get your bearings, particularly for those who like exploring the wild countryside – a modern GPS is great for telling you where you are, but it is the compass that will provide the all-important where to go.

A personalised compass also makes a beautiful keepsake ornament, particularly if you choose one that can be engraved and that comes in an attractive case or box.

Noise cancelling headphones

Sometimes the biggest joy of travel is the noise, hustle and bustle of the fellow travellers on the plane or train. And other times, every traveller wants a little bit of peace, particularly on a long journey. Noise cancelling headphones should be a part of every traveller’s armoury, to get them to their destination rested, refreshed and completely sane! Once they’ve tried them once, they will wonder how they ever managed without them, and will be eternally grateful for the gift!

Portable charger

Where would we be without our tablets and smartphones? Often, the answer is completely lost, particularly when they contain our travel itinerary, boarding passes and booking confirmations. Even the best phone will run out of power sooner or later, and usually at the most inconvenient moment. A portable charger will get the traveller back online and able to continue his or her journey without incident.